Why AI Chatbots are Vital to Any Digital Marketing Strategy

Innovation in AI technology and deep learning is hard to ignore. Especially when it comes to your digital strategy. Chatbots are revolutionizing how brands connect with consumers. From customer acquisition to support, bot technology is essential to growth and success.

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In fact, AI chatbots are more intelligent and sophisticated than ever before. “Chatbots will get smarter as more people keep using them, and as developers perfect what it is that people want and need,” Gordon Gottsegen of CNET suggests.

For these reasons, AI is more appealing to marketers and the brands they support. Due to their versatile intelligence, implementing AI chatbots into your digital strategy will streamline sales and support by performing top funnel tasks to drive conversions.

If you’re still skeptical about the rise of “the bots,” here are a few ways you can use AI chatbots to refine your digital strategy.

AI Chatbots Explained

What are AI chatbots? Chatbots are more efficient at producing information and delivering data to consumers, thus increasing confidence to buy. However, this is the simplest of answers.

Chatbots are a form of artificial intelligence that uses deep learning processes to become smarter over time. This is done via the combination of scripts and neural networks.

For instance, when consumers ask bots questions, they store those questions and answers in a layer of their neural networks. These layers of information are stacked and can be drawn upon like memory, when needed. This makes bots more efficient and accurate the longer they are in service.

“They can store, synthesize, and recall lots of information, like your credit card number or home address, to help make your life easier,” Biz Carson of Business Insider explained. “They can even anticipate what you want before you ask.”

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Importance of Branded Chatbots for Your Digital Strategy

Branded chatbots are certainly the most popular of bots today. Facebook Messenger seems to be leading the way when it comes to AI and digital strategy. In fact, Venturebeat reported that Facebook has over 11,000 bots reaching nearly a billion users.

“The bot revival is also taking place at a time when people are growing tired of individual apps,” Mike Isaac of The New York Times explained. “As a result, brands in search of the best way to talk to consumers are now pairing off with some the world’s dominant messaging platforms — and their chatbots.”

That’s right, marketers and brands are quickly implementing bot technology into their digital strategy. This is mainly due to the decrease in app popularity. Mobile users are finding messenger platforms a one-stop shop for fast and accurate information.

For example, Facebook is allowing brands to use their Messenger chatbots to engage and convert consumers. These brands include CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Expedia, and Uber, to name just a few.

“Powered by Uber’s API, Messenger now enables its millions of users to sign up for Uber with one tap and request a ride, all without having to leave Messenger or download the Uber app,” Uber announced.

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AI Chatbots Improve Your Digital Strategy by . . .

Improving Customer Acquisition via Data Analysis

By using bot technology, marketers can analyze data faster and with more accuracy. This will improve time to market, refine buyer personas, drive consumers down the sales funnel more effectively, and increase conversions.

“Chatbots can be programmed to track purchasing patterns and monitor data from consumers. This tells a company which products to market differently, which to market more and which to redevelop for relaunch,” Forbes explains.

Improving the Customer Experience

Most calls to customer service can be easily resolved. However, when those calls pile up, it can be challenging for personnel to keep up. Enter AI chatbots. Using deep learning processes, bots can lighten the load and maximize customer service and support efforts.

Consumers can discuss just about anything with a chatbot, and they will often be given the information they need in a fast, accurate way. This increases your brand satisfaction and let’s human personnel focus on the more complex customer calls or requests.

Marketers and Brands that continue to ignore AI technology may find themselves far behind competitors. The many ways bots improve customer acquisition alone is a clear call to action. Chatbots will certainly revolutionize your digital strategy in a myriad of ways, are you ready for the rise of the digital marketing bots?

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