App Store SEO : An Inbound Marketing Guide To Mobile

Mobile marketing for your app is essential. This makes App Store Optimization (ASO) an important element in how you bring your latest and greatest app to market. After all, there is probably already an app for that. Read step by step guide for app store SEO here at

Did you know there are just over 6.5 million apps available for download in the leading app stores? There are 2.8 million apps available in Google Play alone.

Top 10 Free Android Apps

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That is a lot of apps. How can you make your app stand out among millions? This may seem like a daunting question, but there are a few simple tactics and platforms you can use to answer with vigor.

After all, the average app user has 36 apps on his or her phone, according to a study.

And only 26 percent of those apps get used daily . . .

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Where do people discover those apps? While the leading app awareness is word of mouth from family and friends, the app store places second with 40 percent.

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APP Store SEO Step by Step Guide

By using these simple ASO best practices, you can make your app store SEO efforts, well, effortless.

ASO Your App Title

Your app’s title is one of the most valuable assets for ASO rankings. Think of it as your website’s <title> tag. You app title should have branding elements, as well as description with keywords.

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App Icon

Your icon is another valuable asset when it comes to ASO. Let’s face it, consumers love visual stimulation, especially online. Your icon is in many ways your centerpiece. App store browsers often look at only two things, icon and title. Make yours clickable.

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App Description

There are also similarities in ASO and SEO when it comes to app description. You will have a few descriptive sentences above the fold, and a very informative description below the fold. Be sure to add elements that build trust.

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Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization is very important for ASO, and you do not get much space to plug all of them. For instance, you have 100 characters to get your keywords showcased for iOS.

ASO keyword tips . . .

  • Put your top keywords first.
  • Make sure your keywords are highly relevant, have a healthy monthly search volume, and you are not going up against big corporation keyword rankings.
  • Use commas to separate your keywords, but leave out the spaces.

Top Keyword Research Tools

Include Graphics

Like images on a website, you should include graphics of your app in action to improve overall ASO. Many people make the mistake of simply taking a few screenshots and call it a day.

However, to really entice and boost your app store visibility, combine your screenshots with text, arrows, and other images to paint a picture of how fantastic your app truly is.

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Ratings and Reviews

What do people look at before purchasing and downloading anything? What other people are saying. The digital era has made ratings and reviews a staple for any successful product or service. Apps are no different.

This is where your marketing skills will need to be exceptional. To build your reviews and ratings, use your social network and place your app on online review platforms like Product Hunt.

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ASO Analytics and Marketing

Like off-page SEO, what you do off-app can have big implications for your app’s success. There are a few off-app techniques you can employ for marketing, analytics, and user experience.

Analytics and tracking often requires updates in SDK code, which can be pretty time consuming. You can use services that will do these updates for you in minutes, allowing you to use third party services to track app analytics.

There are also a number of marketing services you can use in combination with your app to drive more traffic to your app, maximizing your ASO efforts.

Stand out among the competition by using these ASO best practices. Like SEO, App Store Optimization has big bottom line benefits that can drive more growth and success, leading to your next app launch. Are you maximizing your inbound mobile marketing?

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