Best Backlink checker tools for SEO

We all know how important are the backlinks for SEO. In this post we will know how to stay one step ahead with the help of back link checker tools. Search engine optimization is an art and every SEO has his/her own skill set. One thing is common in all of Us. We all use many types of SEO tools which helps in ranking our websites one step ahead of our competitors. Today I will provide you few common and few unique tips related to backlinks analysis and SEO.

How to check backlinks in Google

Search in Google search box it will show you backlinks considered by Google for any website. With the help of this you will get list of quality websites from wehere you can get quality backlinks. According to Google’s quality and webmaster guidelines your links should not be unnatural. Don’t ask, buy and exchange links which may affect google’s webmaster guidelines.

google backlinks tools


Ahrefs is premium SEO backlink checker. It provides you list of backlinks for any website. This tool provide you more insights of backlinks, type of backlinks and other details. It will provide list of domains pointing to website, types of links dofollow, nofollow, image etc.


SEMrush is one of the best SEO backlink cheker tool available on web. It provides more all details related to backlinks and other information such as traffic, ranking position, organic growth etc.


This is one of the best online backlinks checker tool utilized by many SEOs and webmasters. You can make use of this tool to check quantity and quality of the backlinks pointing your website.

How to Stay one Step Ahead from competitor websites

Use these best backlink checking tools and websites. First of all make a list of your competitors website. Put there website and page URL in these tools and make list of websites which have provided backlinks to these websites. Make a social interaction with these websites. Analyze what kind of content your competitor website has created. Try to provide more quality information, content resources, images, info-graphics etc. Share these resources in social media so that these websites can find and link your website and pages.

Make sure your links should be under Google’s webmaster guidelines. Otherwise you website can be punished under Google Penguin algorithm.

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