Top 10 Best Blog Sites to Create Free Blog

It is said that “Blog is a your Diary on Web”. Blogging is what personal thinking about anything in this world. Blogging and authorship growing day by day. This is the reason now Google shows authorship in their search algorithm. In this post find the list of top 10 best blogging sites in the world where you can create and post free blogs.

I was thinking to write a post about blogging. So I have decided to post a blog where newbies can understand about blogging and free blogging platform. Users can start free blogging from these blog websites. These websites provide all key tools for blogging.

First of all you need an identity and topic on which you can write a blog. This topic should be one from your interests. Technical person who works and understand different technology can create blog based on their knowledge.

Free Blogging Sites

Free Blogging Sites – is the leading blog platform which provides ultimate blogging tools. is the no.1 choice for me for developing stand alone blogging site. It has largest bloggers in the world. You can choose from the largest database of wordpress themes for customizing your blog’s look and feel. If you are going to create a blog on domain with paid package of or choosing any hosting service provider then you can also download many awesome plugins. These plugins will provide cutting edge features and functionalities. – also known as blogspot plateform is one of the leading blogging platform. Blogger is one of the best product of Google. It provides many types of customization although there is limitations but still blogger is very good site for free blogging. You can also create and publish your blog on a domain or subdomain by using blogger customization. You can choose unlimited blogger designer templates available on the web. – Tumblr, recently aquired by Yahoo inc. is another very good blogging platform. Millions of users registered on tumblr. Tumblr is famous for its social/blogging platform and unmatched features of blogging. Few days back one blog of tumblr become so famous the name is Reasons why my son is crying. This blog got too much traffic on single day. Tumblr has features of tagging and uploading gif images. You can find good stuff at tumblr. – Livejournal is another a awesome blogging website. It is also a social networking site where you can search people by interests and school. You can join this platform and start posting blogs and making new friends with your thoughts and social sharing in the community. – is named one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites. You can create a free website or blog at Weebly is an American web-hosting service that features a “drag-and-drop” website builder. Weebly hosts over 15 million sites/blogs. – offers free blog hosting with unlimited bandwidth for free members. You can avail more benefits as a paid member. Free blog hosting service in the perfect domain. You can share your stories, videos, photos and more at You can find amazing beautiful themes, a robust platform. – is started by Twitter founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone. It includes a feature letting users edit and annotate other people’s work, while it obviously integrates well with Twitter. It is really great social/blogging website. – Quora is a question answer website. It has good number of registered users with great community and social platform. You can join quora using facebook or google account. You can use free blog functionality of quora which is really great. – It is really simple blog website. You can choose any kind of template from the list. You can also upload photos, personalize your design and start blogging right now. As the description says about it “ provides you with the possibility of creating your own blog in a very simple way in just a few minutes.” – Thoughts has awesome modular design, and versatility in features. The content management platform is also one of the most stable and reliable. Share your thoughts by posting free blog. Connect with many other authors at

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