Beware of Using Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing

Digital marketers beware of using chrome extensions for your digital marketing tasks.Chrome extension with 100,000 users caught cryptojacking using your CPU power. Google removes “archive poster” chrome extension for secretly mining cryptocurrency.

Well all these third party plugins and extensions will always remain in questions. As publisher or marketplaces like Google, Play store, Chrome apps etc remove such apps after finding it cheating.

This chrome extensions has been deploying an in-browser cryptocurrency miner without showing the users any form of notification or asking for their permission for past few weeks.  This extension allows users to reblog or like posts from other blog’s archive.

Although this extension was not stealing any money from your bank account. But It was using your system’s power and CPU to mine cryptocurrency.  You can learn more about cryptocurrency, blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

chrome extension archive poster

Many digital marketers use different extensions for online marketing tasks such as SEO tools, online SEO rank checker, backlink cheker, social media posters etc. Here it is a big question to use these third party apps and plugins on your PC.

Hey bloggers let us know your opinion about these extensions and apps and how users can be more safe while using these extensions.

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