Content is King,Trust is Queen and Quality is the Princess

On may 9th 2013 becole posted blog on SEOMoz about content and trust. I have also posted comment on this post. Though I liked this post but I am not completely agree with it. Because I have analyzed many organic search results with competitive keywords. I found many sites which have low trust factor but these are ranking on top just because of content.

Yes content is still a King. Though it is mystery for most of the SEOs the content type? Keyword and search engine results are based on hundreds of factors. I have identified 3 main factors in content for on page SEO.

Content is King

Content is King

1. Content
2. Trust
3. Quality

I have noticed few websites which have very generic content for example. A software development company writing content on its home page about
1. what is software?
2. What is Software Development Life Cycle

This kind of content is good for SEO but think for a while do your users really read this kind of content? the Answer is no. You can even track whether your website Users reading your website content or not with the help of Google Analytics.

Now coming to the point I will prefer to read content on a software development company website about topics such as.

1. What kind of software company develops?
2. What are the key areas?
3. which technologies they are using?
4. In which industries they are dealing?

Search engines have to go very far. I have noticed that major search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing still giving top priority to such content which is not useful to users. And SEOs blindly writing content for search engines.

Remember Content is King and Trust is Queen and Quality is the Princess. So write quality content and build better trust. All these items are co-related. If you write quality content, trust will automatically be built.


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