5 Best Free Firewall Software for Windows

Firewall protects from all kind of threats, virus attacks, memory injections and driver loads etc. Find a list of best reviewed firewall protection tools for windows PC. You can download software direct from the source.

Comodo Firewall Protection – Comodo free firewall software provides you basic firewall protection from all kind of threats. It is one of the best free firewall protection tool which is availabe to download free of cost from its website. It keeps you updated on suspicious files and threats. Its stops viruses from infecting your PC. It’s free version also protects mobiles and tablets. antivirus protection, anti-theft protection, software and process manager available for mobiles and tablets. It has awesome UI and handy desktop widgets for PCs. It’ free version is not a perfect solution for serious threats for PCs and laptops.

ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Version) – ZoneAlarm is the world’s most downloaded firewall protection software. It claims over 85 million downloads. Know what it can protect your PC in free version. It set your PC for 2 way firewall, in which your PC will be invisible from hackers. Spyware will not be able to share your PC information. It will also works like a traditional antivirus software. It stops new virus attacks on your PC. Its private browsing features provided in its privacy and security toolbar. It all also protects your identity. This firewall protection tool works on Windows 7, 8 and Windows Vista. You should have 2GB RAM, 2 GHz or faster processor, 3.5 or higher .Net framework and more than 100 MB hard disk space.

Zone Alarm Firewall

TinyWall (Current Version 2.1) – TinyWall is a 100% free firewall tool which provides advanced firewall protection for your system. It is very lightweight firewall software. You can add exceptions to firewall rules. It doesn’t install any drivers or kernel components on your PC. TinyWall prevents your PC from malicious programs and various kind of threats. It is very smart firewall protection system. TinyWall never display any popup or disturbing element when you are using system or browsing internet. It provides full proof protection from many threats availble on the web.

Ashampoo FireWall FREE – Ashampoo FireWall is a small and effcient free firewall tool. Ashampoo has simple UI and designed speciall for a normal PC users. If you are a computer expert than you can also anable expert firewall features in this software. This is simple yet a powerful 2 way firwall protection system which protects your PC from incoming and outgoing threats. You can create custom rules. You also have one click option to block all threats in case of repeat attacks.
Outpost Firewall (Free Version) – Outpost firewall is another good choice for the users who want a flexilble firewall protection tool. It has many advance features like comodo and online armor. Although free version has not so many advance protection features but it gives you complete freedom.
This firewall software system protects your PC from many harmful activities such as memory injections, driver loads and many types of viruses.

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