Free Keyword Density Tools – Check Ideal Keyword Density for SEO

Keyword density is the percentage of keyword appears in a web page compared to the total number of words. Find free keyword density tools and know your webpage’s ideal keyword density for better search engine optimisation and ranking. Keyword density, latest semantic indexing and context are some important elements of SEO. It determines whether a web page is relevant to user’s search query. For example: if a keyword appears 2 times in a 100 words text the keyword density would be 2%.

What is Ideal Keyword Density?

Many SEOs consider the ideal keyword density to be 1 to 3 percent. More than 3 percent keyword density could be considered search spam. All over website’s industry and context plays important role along with keyword density. Google prefers qualitative readable texts. Your content should be well structured and attractively written.

Keyword Density Tools

Free Keyword Density Tools for Better SEO

Small SEO Keyword Density Tool

Check keyword density with this amazing tool free of cost. You can check keyword density by entering webpage URL or content. User can also select number of terms and words per phrases. Using this tool will help to identify your mistakes so you can make the appropriate changes.

SEO Chat Page Keyword Density Analysis

This tool will display density of single word, two words and three words phrases in your web page content. Just enter you webpage URL and find quick results for ideal key-phrase corrections. Correct your density so that your webpage can rank better in Google’s search engine result pages.

Webconfs Keyword Density Checker

This tool will identify single word keyword density by counting in numbers. It will display percentage density of single word in your webpage content. So you can find a lot of help for SEO.

SEOCentro Optimum Keyword Density Tool

This tool display ideal keyword density along with page load time and total number of keywords. This tool display top key phrase list and single keyword list. User can choose to count title description and numeric keywords from the tools options.

1-3% of keyword density along with “semantic keywords” and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords works best for search engines. You should include important keywords in page URL, page title, meta description, headings and page content. There are numbers of page signals which Google considers when ranking a site. Key-phrase density is certainly one of those signals. Doing it properly will help, but doing it wrong will put your website at the wrong side. There is not a perfect % for you to aim for. So try to avoid too much stuffing of keywords.

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