8 Free PDF Editing Softwares

There are many softwares for editing a PDF file. But finding trusted free softwares is really time taking task. In this post I will provide you 10 best free PDF editors by which you can edit any PDF document.

Though you can use MS word to create PDF file from a Microsoft word document. But there is not a better way to edit a PDF file. Editing a pdf document is a big task because sometimes we want to edit not only text but also image alignment, position, format and fonts. PDF format files are now essential part of our professional life.

We need to create, edit and send so many PDF documents everyday. And most important important documents such as certificates, salary slips etc. are provided in PDF format.

Now learn with the help of these softwares how to edit any PDF document.

PDF Editor Software

PDF Editor Software

1. PDFEscape– It is one of the most used online tools which will allow you to edit a PDF file by simply uploading. The most loving feature of this free software is that you can even edit password protected PDF documents and files.

2. Inkscape – Inkscape is an open source vector graphics editor. You can also edit PDF files by using its import and export feature.

3. PDFOnline – PDFOnline is an online pdf to word converter tool. This software will allow you to convert a PDF file into a word document. PDFToword also does the same. It is the simplest way for editing any PDF file. Just convert PDF file to word by using this tool, do the changes and again convert to PDF file.

4. BeCyPDFMetaEdit – This tool is help for SEO(Search engine optimization) of PDF documents. You can edit metadata by using this windows software. It helps PDF files to be searched on search engines with metadata.

5. PDFedit – This software is very easy to use. This is hosted by sourceforge. You to edit the raw PDF objects with many tools and functions.

6. Foxit PDF Reader – This is a best reader and editor which are free. This tool is fast and it lets you edit the text of any PDF.

7. Open Office – Open Office is open source software just like microsoft word. You can import and export PDF documents in open office for editing.

8. PDF-XChange – This software is good for OCR image based PDF files which you are looking to edit.


  1. Hello,
    Honestly, I did have tried PDF Escape and PDFedit and they do work well to edit my PDF files. However, since the PDF escape , a free online PDF editor, cannot help process file more than 10MB and 100 pages, and the PDFfedit could not help save my PDF files as Word documents, I did tried far more and finally had some successes with some 100% free ones, like PDF Buddy and iCareAll PDF Editor and more.
    Hope my words also can help anyone there.
    Thanks for your nice work.

  2. GPLv2 licensed PDFedit is the best pdf editor available online. You should also mention that PDF text is editable. If your PDF file contain image version of text, it is very difficult to edit. In most the cases if PDF contain image text just delete and write with duplicate font type and size

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