XML Sitemap – Free Sitemap Generators and How To Use

XML Sitemap is a form of file where web-masters list all webpages URLs with predefined sitemap tags. XML sitemap creation and submission in search engines comes under SEO activities. This sitemap is created to inform search engine crawlers about URLs available for crawling and indexing.

XML Sitemap is very useful in search engine optimization. Every site must have xml sitemap for the reasons listed below.

Why XML SiteMap is necessary

1. Your site is new and no website has links to your website.
2. Your website is too big – Crawlers needs to identify new pages, last modified content pages etc.
3. All your website pages and content not interlinked properly
4. You website doesn’t have text links
5. Your website has rich media content, images, videos, audio, news etc.

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Free XML sitemap Generators

In this post we will provide really best and free xml sitemap generator. As you might have seen that free sitemap generators have some limitations. But if you have small website 1000 or 2000 pages. But in this blog we will provide amazing information about sitemaps so that you can generate unlimited URLs sitemaps without investing single penny.

Free Online Sitemap Generators without Limitation

1. GSiteCrawler – It is a window application which generates unlimited URLs sitemap free of cost. Just go to website GSiteCrawler and download it watch and read its tutorial and use this tool if your website is really large.

2. Yoast XML Sitempas for WordPress – If you have a website developed on wordpress then you can use xml sitemap function of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Free Online Sitemap Generators With URLs Limits

3. XML Sitemaps – XML-Sitemaps.com is free tool which can generate awesome sitemap file without too much delay. This too can generate free sitemap max 500 URLs. Use its paid version If you wish to create unlimited URLs sitemap file.

4. xmlsitemapgenerator.org – This is another free and best tool to generate xml sitmap free of cost.

We will explain XML sitemap limitations and more information in next post. Please subscribe your email id with us and get latest information on SEO, Software and other important information.


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