5 Free Youtube Downloaders – Best way to download Videos

Watching Youtube videos online is really a great fun and entertainment. You would definietly love watching your favorite videos. If you find it difficult to download youtube videos. We provide list of software and online youtube downloaders which allow you to download videos from youtube and vimeo. You can even download HD quality videos.

All you need to install some software and plugins. If you don’t want to install any additional software in your PC or desktop. You can simply download it using online applications and downloaders.

Keepvid – Keepvid is one of the best and online youtube downloader. Just open site URL in browser and paste URL of youtube video which you want to download. It will automatically provide you download options for different video quality. If youtube video is a HD video, Keepvid will allows you download it as it is. All you need to have java installed and enabled on your PC or laptop. To download your desired right click the link and choose save link as, give a file name and extension mp4 example – myvideo.mp4.

SaveVid – Savevid is similar type of online video downloader like keepvid. But it works with browser extension so you need to install its browser extenstion first. Download and run savevid browser plugin from its website. Just copy and paste youtube, vimeo video URL in the box and click download It will ask you to downlod the savevid plugin for browser like chrome, firefox etc.

SaveFrom.net – Savefrom.net is amazing online video downloader which allows you to download videos in one click. If you install it’s helper extension, then you will will be able to download video direct from youtube.

Video DownloadHelper – Video downloadhelper is an extension for mozilla firefox browser. It not only download videos from youtube but also videos from search engines, dailymotion etc.

online streaming video downloader

VSO Downloader 2 – VSO Downloader is an amazing offline software which allows you download any kind of video from web. It allows you download video in any extension. Just download and install it from its website. When you run this software and if you are watching a streaming video it will automatically download that video to your desktop PC or laptop. This software works on .net framework so you need to install that framework on your PC. I am using this software since 2012 and it is amazing I have download so many HD video in extesntions like .mp4, .flv, .mov etc. It has amazing feature that it will not download unwanted advertisements on your PC.

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