Latest Google Pagerank Update 6th December 2013

I have recently noticed fresh Google pagerank update in Google Pagerank toolbar. I have checked many websites all over the world. My Website got 2 pagerank.  Pagerank also known as Pigeon rank is an algorithm of Google which determines the importance of a webpage on world wide web.

Many of my client’s websites got benefit in this latest pagerank update which is happened today 6 December 2013. Check Your website’s pagerank with Google Toolbar or a pagerank extension in Google’s Chrome Browser. There was last update of Google’s PageRank on February 4, 2013.

This is the recent and most awaited update from Google. As earlier Google’s Search Spam head “Matt Cutts”  told that he will be surprised if Pagerank updated this year. But It is truth I have 0 pagerank of my blog earlier now it has 2 PR. I am very much happy. I want to thank all of my blog’s reader who are continuously reading and supporting my blog. Many websites not affected with this update like,, and but has 8 PageRank now.

Thoughts About Latest Google Pagerank Update

Many SEO’s and webmaster do not care any pagerank update as Pagerank was one of the major factor of ranking in SERP’s. But After so many updates from Google like Panda, Penguin 2.0, Hummingbird algorithm, EMD (Exact Match Domains), Page Authority and many more, It has very less value among SEO community. Although I think it is matter of respect or a award provided by Leader in the search engine market. Google has largest 75% market share in search marketing.

And I hope my blogs about latest Off page SEO strategies and On page SEO factors will help you in SEO of your website. Keep reading with

Google Page Rank Update

Google Page Rank Update


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