Do you still fear from Google Penguin with exact anchor text links?

Today we will discuss how important is to take care of incoming links to your website. We all know how much it is hard to play with search engine rankings now days. There are so many Google’s animal algorithm just waiting to punish black hat and grey hat SEO techniques. It is true that high quality websites ranks higher but not always. Good quality links are still more important to rank higher in search engine result pages.

In earlier posts we have found more details about Google penguin and what all things we should think while doing link building. Exact anchor texts raises red signal for google penguin. Today i want to share my thoughts why a webmaster should focus not getting exact anchor text for their links.

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There are many scenarios where webpages may get exact anchor text. Please share your thoughts being an SEO or webmaster do you really feel that webpages should not linked as anchor text.

There are cases where good websites punished by Google Penguin, are you one of them? share your thiughts with me. Let me know if you feel your website punished by google penguin, do you still fear with exact anchor text links?

Beaing an SEO consultant I advise you not to focus on any anti spam google update. It is simple fair business, you need to focus on user experience and user oriented content on website.

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