Google Voice Search – Future and Scope of Search Optimization

Google Voice Search is a Google search product that allows users to use Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer. Google voice search is available in multiple languages. Search marketers predicts that voice search volume will increase drastically in coming days.

If you are an SEO, webmaster, app developer or search marketer, you need to look new opportunities in voice search. There are many hurdles in voice search due to language and many voice accents.

What is the Voice Search?

Voice search search is the search feature or functionality used on voice controlled devices such as mobile phones, computers and personal assistant devices.

Google Voice search is also known as “OK Google” .  Google’s Android Voice Search App

How Do I Use Google Voice Search?

You should have the latest version of the Google app installed on your mobile or tablet device.
If you do not have latest version download it from Google’s play store
Open the Google app in your mobile device.
At the top left, tap Menu Settings Voice “Ok Google” detection.
Check the box next to “From Google app.”

google voice search

The Future of Search is in the Brain of Personal Assistant

There are already so many personal assistant products available in market. Technology is dominating our acts rapidly. See the future of voice search below.

Leading Personal Assistant Products in the Market

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Amazon’s Echo and Alexa Devices
  3. Apple’s SIRI
  4. Cortana

Key Points of Voice Search and Scope for Search Optimisation

1. Prepare your results for Voice Search
2. More Focus on Local and Customised Search Results
3. Focus on What, When, Where voice search queries
4. Need to Know intent through voice search
5. User’s voice search behaviour at different places such as at Home, Restaurants, Movie Theatre and other public places
6. Voice search is easier than text input by user

Well a Couple of Years Ago Google made some changes to its core search algorithm”Hummingbird Update” which has changed search in an amazing way. Google continued with the development of its RankBrain machine learning system.

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