Top 10 Keyword Research Tools for SEO and PPC

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a practice used by SEO professionals to find actual search terms and key phrases used by search engine users. Keyword research tools help website owners, webmasters and SEOs in selecting target keywords and optimizing their websites for search engines. These tools are very important whether you are doing SEO of any website or planning for PPC campaign. Identifying and targeting right keywords are key of success in search engine optimization. We have listed Google adwords keywords tool in the previous list of important SEO tools.

Free Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Google keyword planner tool is the best tool for keyword research. It provides most accurate and most relevant keyword research. It has largest database of keyword searches all across the globe. It is very important to use this tool smartly while doing keyword research. This tool provides choices of language, location and keyword phrases like broad match, exact match and phrase match.

2. Google’s Traffic Estimator Tool

This tools is used for PPC and traffic estimation. This tools provides insights of competition, estimated CPC and clicks for particular keywords. This tool is very good for analyzing competition and keyword traffic. You can coose keywords neither the most trafficked and highest priced nor the least trafficked and lowest priced.

3. SEMRush Competitors Research Tool

This tool is another good tool which allows you to research keywords without signing up or paying any money. It is free of cost. This tools also provide information of websites which ranks on top for your search queries. Apart from top websites it also provides CPC distribution, trends, and related keywords report.

4. SEOBook Free Keyword Tool

SEOBook provides free keyword research tool access after signing up its free registration. You can use this tool and explore list of keywords free of cost after registration. It suggests daily search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo and Bing. It also provides links to price estimate tools from Google AdWords.

5. Wordpot Free Keyword Analysis Tool

Wordpot is another very good free keyword research tool which allows you instant keyword suggestions without signing up any form. Just enter the keyword or phrase in the search box click search and you will get list of keywords with daily search volume. This tools also provide API by which you can generate keyword research tool within your website or system.

6. Traffic Travis

You can download this tool free of cost on your PC. Its paid version cost you around 90 USD. But free version is also good for keyword analysis and research.

Paid Keyword Research Tools

7. Wordtracker

Wordtracker is the largest paid keyword research tool with lots of SEO freebies included in the package. Its search data is powered by SEM rush and it also provide API. With the help of this tool you can analyze more long tail keywords easily. You can also arrange and make a list of keywords which are used by your competitors.

8. Market Samurai

This tool is little bit expensive 149 USD. By using promotional coupons and so you can buy this tool around 100 USD. But this tool worth its money, its really awesome. You can check SEO compettion, content and monetizing tools directly on the screen.

9. Analytics SEO

Aanlytics SEO is powerful SEO reporting platform. This tool provides free training and support with industry based keyword ranking data. Its pro version cost you approx 400 USD.

10. Speed PPC

Speed PPC is another paid keyword analysis tool for PPC campaigning. You can check PPC ads as well as long phrase keywords in this tool. Its pro version cost you around 60 USD/ month.


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