8 Best Landing Page Optimization Tips to Increase Conversions

Landing page optimization is one of the best online marketing strategy. Find proven and result oriented best landing page optimization tips to increase conversions and return on investment (ROI). Its main goal is to improve the number of visitors to the website that become sales leads and customers. Landing page optimisation is all about maximising your ROI (Return on investment) for each visitor to your website.

What is Landing Page – Landing page is any entrance page website for a specific user. In simple words landing is page where user actually lands from different sources. These sources can be Search engine result pages, emails, third party websites, blogs, articles, news letters, or social media websites. Generally internet marketers uses landing pages for PPC campaigns, email campaigns or some paid advertisements.

Landing Page Optimization

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Best Landing Page Optimization Tips

1. Specific, Simple and Streamline Landing Page – Optimize landing page with simple and specific content relevant to website user. Craft your webpage primarily for your users. Do not distract users with too many elements on landing page.

2. Appropriate Content – Put appropriate, relevant and specific content for users which is really required. Do not write content for search engines. Do not put too much content as users do not read whole content. Do not put advertisements on pages which leads user to sales/conversions.

3. Visually Attractive – Design attractive landing page so it can increase engagement of users. Do not create boring pages. Do not irritate users with many popups and pop-under windows.

4. Easy Call to Action – Your landing page must have clear and minimum call to action buttons. So that user can be converted into leads/conversion/sale.

5. Info-graphics/Images/Audio/Video – Put relevant info-graphics, images audio and video on landing page if it is required. It is not mandatory to put all. Put whatever applicable and required.

5. Trust /Quality Certificates Proofs – Users generally do not submit forms or buy products from a website until they are not convinced with a trust factor. So it will be very good if you put some quality certificates, security proofs for users.

6. Real Customer’s Feedback and Reviews – Real customer’s feedback and reviews increases the trust factor to another level. Use rich snippets for user’s reviews to increase conversion and CTR.

7. Only Conversion Oriented Links on Page – Do not put additional internal pages links or any outgoing link on your landing page. If You are creating landing page for PPC or email marketing.

8. Appropriate Meta Tags – Write relevant and appropriate meta tags for users. It will increase your website CTR (Click Through Rate) from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) – Read more on page optimization tips

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