Magento favorite ecommerce CMS Infographic

Since its launch in 2008 Magento has slowly grown to become the most sought after CMS platform. Besides being Open Sourced, Magento also has a huge array of plug-ins and extensions which empower your basic Magento website. These include Magento chats, backup extensions, live search extensions, drop down mega-menu options, one step shopping cart options for ecommerce websites etc. Marketing and promotional tools, responsive designs, SEO friendly designs, built-in analytics options make Magento the best option in market any given day. Expand your forte with precise requirements and adjustments that these extensions allow you to make. Magento still holds 26% of the market total market share of all CMS platforms. Top 1 million websites including health websites, shopping websites, sports websites, automobile websites and adult websites rely on Magento.

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The Infographic is the Courtesy of Magento Extensions


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