What You Should Be Including In Your Marketing Plan For 2018

2018 is just around the corner and it is time to reflect on both your failures and success during the past year. This also means it’s time to start making solid plans for your marketing strategy. Many firms and companies have not yet fully embraced marketing technology and content marketing. This article will offer a complete guide on what companies should include in their future marketing plan to deliver a cohesive and well coordinated marketing schedule. Although articles abound on 2018 marketing trends and strategies, it is important to look at the tools and features at your disposal that can keep your business running. Looking at where marketing appears to be headed in 2018, the following expectations are likely to occur;

  • Buyers will rely more on online tools: powerful online platforms such as Google and Linkedin generate more options for the consumer than traditional techniques of finding answers. Firms know that buyers are increasingly looking for online professional service providers.
  • Recruiting wont get any easier: Businesses still face a tough challenge in recruiting and talent retention.

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Your business objectives will determine how you will create your marketing strategy that ties in with any campaigns you develop.  This is not the time to be complacent and procrastinate on making solid marketing plans. Even if you are currently enjoying a high number of sales, a plan will help you think of ways on how to improve the customer sales, get customer feedback, and invest to increase market share.

Top 4 Things To Consider in your 2018 Marketing Plan

Focus on your high-quality content: quality content is at the heart of every successful company. With so much access to online information, buyers now research and compare companies from the comfort of their homes on their mobile devices. If you are not part of the conversation online, then you are likely to lose clients. Moreover, it is not just quality content that is key, but also keyword-friendly content. An SEO-centric schedule should definitely be included in your 2018 marketing plan.

Launch growth driven website plan: you should make it  habit to redesign your website regularly, every 2 to 4 years, to keep abreast with the current changes in technology, revamp content on pages that are under-performing and offer your visitors a fresh look and feel of your site. You are also more likely to be found by customers because search engines favor regularly updated websites.

Solidify your video marketing strategy: most companies are already successfully using live videos as part of their content marketing plan. Videos tell the story in an in-depth manner and help develop trust with your customers. Plan to increase your video budget for 2018 to drive more leads.

Take to Social media: Facebook users now go beyond social posting. In fact, the platform can be an ideal creative marketing idea for improved online visibility. By using the advertising feature of Facebook, you can now direct paid traffic to your company without even having to leave the platform. Facebook Messenger platform that is currently used by over 1 million people makes it easy for you to directly communicate with your audience.


A marketing plan can be well described as a mapway directing your business to the path of success. Although the above considerations are practical, it is also likewise important to be aware of the plans that well fit your firm’s objectives. Thus, spend time to research well before settling on a specific documented strategy.

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