Top 10 Off Page SEO Tips and Strategies in 2017

Off page SEO is another key factor of search engine ranking. Find here top 10 off page SEO tips and latest off page strategies in 2017. Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website pages and posts outside your website. Forget what you have learnt in 2014, 2014 and 2014. In 2017 Google has changed its algorithm a lot based on latest panda update, penguin update, guest post update and EMD update. Here are greatest off page search engine optimization techniques which will boost your website’s ranking in all major search engines. Off page SEO strategies are the techniques by which we promote website’s name, URL at different websites without changing any thing in website or pages.

1. Social Networking

Social networking or social media marketing is the best way of off page optimization. Google also recommend for social media optimization. It has already said that discuss about site, products and services at social networking sites. If your site is good enough other webmasters shall start giving link to your website pages and posts.

2. Blog Posting

Do as much as guest blogging on different good quality websites. It will enhance your authorship visibility all over the web and other websites might link to your website’s content.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are good for off page search engine optimization. Sites like stumbleupon, digg, delicious are very good sites that give traffic as well as backlinks. Do not bookmark on sites that has low quality on web.

4. Press Releases

Though google has announced that it will not give backlinks to your site from press release websites. But do not bother press release is very good way for off page SEO which can generate good traffic and brand value for your site.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

5. Article Writing

Write bunch of articles on Ezine and other qualitative article websites. It will boost your website’s off page presence and provide you extra backlinks. Always remember do not be so smart be unique and original. It will give you natural links.

6. Forum Discussions

Use some good quality forum sites to discuss about your website’s content and pages. Forum websites are also very good way to increase traffic. Off page SEO’s value increased a lot by forum discussions.

7. Classifieds Submissions

If your website category is related to classified categories you should also post classified ads on various classified websites for extra dose of off page SEO.

8. Questions and Answers

Try to find out some questions and answer website that has some topics related to your website. Post questions and answers related to your website’s content and posts.

9. Comments Posting

Comments posting is good way to generate traffic on your website. Some sites also allow do follow comments that can provide your site some good quality backlinks. It will promote your site through off page medium.

10. Business and Local Listing

Add your business websites to business and local listing websites for off page benefits. Post good quality unique information about your website on local listing pages it will optimize your website and provide you good backlinks.


  1. Gaurav

    I loved your post on off page SEO techniques. But do you really think off page matters now days for Google’s SEO?

  2. Nice post & my opinion is “Be smart, have patience, and outsource (wisely) your content marketing. It’s time we revamp our game, and be friends with Google, or they can easily spray out our web sites from the SERPs.”

    I think we should do all the works for ranking improve in Google. Like :
    1) Target a wider Range of Keywords.
    2) User Exprience is #1Priority.
    3). Write Compelling Content for our Audience.
    4). Keyword Density Not Overly Important.
    5). Content is Diverse etc.

  3. RiZwan Saharan

    Hello Soni Dear
    Your article was very informative i like these tips this surely help me a lot. But i have a Question for you?
    Dear i established my blog on 2012 October and now it’s 1 year ago in next month i don’t know why my blog not receive response there is no regularly visitors whereas i made some quality posts but nothing Happening now i don’t know what to do?
    Wait for your positive reply.

    • Soni Sharma

      Hi Rizwan,
      Thanks for reading my blogs. As you are also a blogger and you may also know how to attract regular readers. I want to advise you that share your own thoughts in your blogs for any specific topic. Blog niche will always be helpful. Do a lot of social media and one most important thing
      Question yourself why reader will read your blogs? that’s the main thing. I hope it will help.

  4. guptaabhijit318

    Nice post and Thanks for
    sharing these useful SEO tips with us. I am sure I increased my
    knowledge by reading this post. Thanks for sharing..

  5. projection screens

    This post is written in a very good way and entails a lot of useful
    information for me. I am glad to find a good way of writing the post.

  6. Akshitha Nerrupatti

    Hi …
    Am doing SEO for a hospital website and its keywords are related to all specialists like gynecologist, general physician, general physician for location kukatpally, Hyderabad. But when ever I search for this keywords it shows in page 2 on SERP as there are many hospital and doctors listing websites in Page 1. If happens this how can I get my website in top positions of SERP. Please help me.

    • Hi Akshitha, Good quality and relevant websites ranks higher. So keep on work to make your client’s website more qualitative and helpful. Focus on local business listing in many local directories including Google Local Business, Yahoo and Bing Local Business.

  7. Hi Soni,
    you really written an awesome content, you giving great value to your readers. I use guest posting, question and answer sites, social bookmarking and business profile listing techniques for link building. Will share the same with my social media friends.

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