Top 10 Off Page SEO Tips and Strategies in 2017

Off page SEO is another key factor of search engine ranking. Find here top 10 off page SEO tips and latest off page strategies in 2017. Off page SEO is the process of optimising your website pages and posts outside your website. Forget what you have learnt in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In 2017 Google has changed its algorithm a lot based on latest panda update, penguin update, guest post update and EMD update. Here are greatest off page search engine optimisation techniques which will boost your website’s ranking in all major search engines. Off page SEO strategies are the techniques by which we promote website’s name, URL at different websites without changing any thing in website or pages.

Many folks doing it still wrong. Off page search engine optimization is not only building dofollow backlinks but also growing website network by building mixed linking strategies.

Off Page SEO Activities

Social Networking

Social networking or social media marketing is the best way of off page optimisation. Google also recommend for social media optimisation. It has already said that discuss about site, products and services at social networking sites. If your site is good enough other webmasters shall start giving link to your website pages and posts.

You can grow Social networking through many good quality social networking and bookmarking websites. Top Social networking sites are as following. As a result it will increase SEO score and traffic of your website. Few social networking sites are

Blog Posting

Do as much as guest blogging on different good quality websites. It will enhance your authorship visibility all over the web and other websites might link to your website’s content. You can increase traffic by marketing content on different blog submission websites. Do not post guest blog just for link building if you post blog with nofollow link that will also help to gain traffic and trust. Few blog posting and content marketing sites are,,

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are good for off page search engine optimization. Sites like stumbleupon, digg, delicious are very good sites that give traffic as well as backlinks. Do not bookmark on sites that has low quality on web. Few top social bookmarking sites,,

Press Releases

Though google has announced that it will not give backlinks to your site from press release websites. But do not bother press release is very good way for off page SEO which can generate good traffic and brand value for your site. Few top Press release submission websites are, etc.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO

Article Writing

Write bunch of articles on Ezine and other qualitative article websites. It will boost your website’s off page presence and provide you extra backlinks. Always remember do not be so smart be unique and original. It will give you natural links. Hence it will increase off page SEO ranking. Example Article websites are, etc.

Forum Discussions

Use some good quality forum sites to discuss about your website’s content and pages. Forum websites are also very good way to increase traffic. Off page SEO’s value increased a lot by forum discussions. You can increase trust and get feedback about your website’s products and services through forum discussion. Few top forum websites are, etc.

Classifieds Submissions

If your website category is related to classified categories you should also post classified ads on various classified websites for extra dose of off page SEO. Classified submission is not only increase website popularity but also helps in increasing business. Find most of all top classified sites are,, More classified sites 

Questions and Answers

Try to find out some questions and answer website that has some topics related to your website. Post questions and answers related to your website’s content and posts. Finally find few example sites are, etc.

Comments Posting

Comments posting is good way to generate traffic on your website. Some sites also allow do follow comments that can provide your site some good quality backlinks. So it will promote your site through off page medium. Find top dofollow comment posting sites here.

Business Directory and Local Listing

Add your business websites to business directory and local listing websites for off page benefits. Post good quality unique information about your website on local listing pages it will optimize your website and provide you good backlinks. Promote your website through quality free directory submission list. Find huge most noteworthy directory list are as,

Off Page SEO Factors

Off page SEO is not just link building, it is beyond that. You can understand and implement it better. First you need to understand these off page factors. These components are essential for website ranking. It will contribute to how well your website ranks in the search engines. As a result it will generate more business for you. Some of the most important factors that search engines like considers while ranking. Off page SEO factors are as following.

Number of linking domains – Google first consider the number of domains linking to your site. It is one of the most important off-page ranking factors.

The number of inbound or incoming links to your website – Google’s algorithms counts and analyses number total number of incoming links to your webpage.

The quality and authority of the linking domain – Gain links from top authority websites like government websites, school or university websites, non profit websites. Quality links from top level domains like .gov, .org, .edu will help a lot in building quality backlinks.

The quality and authority of the linking page to your website – Google’s algorithms consider quality and authority of webpage content. So first you should check DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page) authority of the website.

Rate of link building – Google keeps track of number of links generated within a time-span. You should consider rate of link building normal as a good off page SEO strategy.

How to optimise with anchor text – You should use different variations of anchor text while linking. Google’s penguin algorithm check same anchor text linking from various websites. As a result your website may be punished.

Number of dofollow and nofollow links -You should use mixed link building strategy. So gain dofollow as well as nofollow links to your website.

Contextual links – Your backlinks should be related to the content and context of the webpage.

Links from homepage – If your webpage or website get backlinks from website’s home page. As a result It is considered as good link.

Avoid Footer and Sidebar Links – These links are mainly hit by Google’s penguin algorithm. So you should avoid linking from footer and sidebar from websites.

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