Top PPC Interview Questions and Answers 2018

Looking for PPC Interview questions? You will get all answers of latest PPC strategy and google adwords trends of 2018 in this post. We have listed these questions for beginner to experienced PPC professionals. PPC (Pay Per Click) is most important and crucial inbound marketing strategy in digital marketing. To implement search engine marketing or PPC strategy, one must have in-depth knowledge and experience.

We have categorized Google Adwords PPC (pay Per Click) interview questions in two segements. First to assess candidate’s experience and second to check knowledge of PPC expert.

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PPC Interview Questions to Verify Candidate’s Experience

1. What is the budget of all campaigns you are handling at present?

2. How many campagins you are running now?

3. How many Ad groups you have in each campaign?

4. How many keywords do you have in each ad group?

5. What is current CTR of your campaigns?

6. What is ROI of your adwords campaigns?

7. How many types of targetting you are using at present?

8. Do you running any display campaign?

9. What are the objectives of your adwords campaigns?

10. Have you worked on google shopping campaigns or video campaigns?

Top SEO Interview Questions and Asnwers

PPC Interview Questions to Check Knowledge

Question 1. What is PPC and Why it is used in search engine marketing?

Answer 1. PPC means Pay Per Click. It means that you as an advertiser appearing on a SERP (search engine result pages), pay the search engine for each user’s individual click on your ad. PPC is a bid based search engine advertising/marketing model. It’s a search engine marketing strategy used to drive relevant traffic to your website/landing page via search engines and partner sites. Advertiser only pay if he receives the visits from PPC ad clicks.

Question 2. What is Google Adwords? and How It works?

Answer 2. Adwords is the advertising solution of Google. It is designed to help in marketing product or services in Google’s search engine and its affiliated, partner and network sites. It will place a text ad that appears when people search for phrases associated to your offering. Google Adwords work on bidding system. If the bidding price is higher, your ad will appear on top of the Google page. Adwords works on “pay per click” that means you only pay the amount you have bid if someone taps on your ad as a result of a web search.

Question 3. Explain why to use Google Adwords?

Answer 3. Advertsing is essential part of marketing. Digital marketing is very important part for promoting products and services. Search engine marketing is one of the core part of digital marketing. We all know Google is leader in search marketing with 60% market share. Hence we should use Google Adwords. Apart from this Google adwords also provide many marketing tools for research and tracking.

Question 4. What is Remarketing?

Answer 4. Marketer or advertiser can show your ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app with the help of Remarketing. Remarketing is a deciding factor for your ads to increase sales activity or user registrations or increase awareness of your brand. All types of advertisers can get a return on investment (ROI) with the help of remarketing.

Question 5. What is Ad rank?

Answer 5. Ad rank determines your ad position on Google’s search result page. Ad Rank is determined by using bid amount, the components of Quality Score, the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats. Quality Score is calculated by expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Question 6. How does Ad rank affects cost per click?

Answer 6. Ad Rank = Max Bid X Quality Score. Ad rank plays an important role in defining the actual (CPC) cost per click that your competitors pay, when someone clicks on their ads. Your CPC can be calculated by following way

Actual CPC (Cost per Click) = The ad rank of the competitor below your ad/ your quality score + $0.01

Question 7. How does a Google auction work?

Answer 7. Auction work on each query made on Google. The search engine processes the request and runs the auction which will then determine the ad positions and each advertiser’s CPC. Your ads are eligible for an Google auction whenever you are bidding on keywords relevant to a search query.

Question 8. What is Google Quality Score?

Answer 8. Google’s quality score is calculated on the basis of relevancy of your ad for user. It is calculated on the basis of your ad’s CTR, quality of your landing page and keyword relevance. Higher quality score keywords will save your actual CPC (cost per click) and earn better ad ranking.

Question 9. Describe what is conversion optimizer in Adwords?

Answer 9. Conversion Optimizer is a tool used by Google Adwords for bid manipulation. Conversion optimizer decides which click will be valuable for ads. It can help you to increase ROI (Retrun on Investment).

Question 10. Please tell us some of the Google Adword Ad Extensions?

Answer 10. Different ad extension enhance CTR, relevancy of ad and increases traffic in result. Some of the common Ad extensions used in google’s adwords are

Call Extensions
Location Extensions
Social Annotations
Seller ratings
Mobile app extensions
Offer ads
Communication Ad
Review extension

Image and drop down navigation Ad extension

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