SEO Audit Tools for Free SEO Analysis

Great SEO strategy starts with good SEO audit. Get detailed free SEO analysis by using one of the online SEO audit tools. Website will always need constant reviewing and analysis, in order to ensure that you remain on the intended path.

Google analytics, Google’s search console and Bing webmaster tools are the best tools for free SEO audit. All you need to validate your ownership of website.

Powerful Free SEO Audit Tools for Deep SEO Analysis

Google’s Search Console Analysis – First of all add your website domain in Google’s search console. You can check and analyse website’s technical issues after successful verification. These reports will be accessible after some time in your account. It will display 404, 503, Soft 404, 500, 403 and other website errors.

SEO Audit Tools

You can also audit website’s link profiles, search analytics, crawlability, sitemap errors in your account.

Google Analytics Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting – Link your google analytics and search console account for better SEO analysis. Regular traffic monitoring through search engines, keywords and user behaviour will give you lots of insights. These insights will help you in evaluating SEO analysis and ranking.

Bing Webmaster Tools – First of all setup bing webmaster tools for your website. Submit sitemap and fetch your website for SEO analysis. This tool will help you in finding website SEO issues and errors.

There are some free online SEO analysis tools available if you don’t have ownership of website. These tools are good for competitors analysis.

SEO Site Checkup – SEOsitecheckup is a free SEO analysis tool. It provides all basic SEO audit report which includes technical SEO and on page SEO elements.

SEMRush Site Audit – You need to register your account to get free SEO audit of your website. You can also review competitors website SEO score by this tool.

Small SEO Tools – This is collection of manu useful relevant SEO tools. You can check SEO score, backlinks, broken links, page speed with different tools available free online.

Advanced SEO Audit Tools

Google’s Page Speed – Page speed is one of the key factor nowadays for SEO. Find more details about basic SEO tools.

Google’s Rich Snippet Tool – Rich snippets are great source of micro data. It has good SEO weight in Google’s search algorithm. Test your webpage rich snippet such as rating and reviews etc.

Google’s Responsive Test Tool – Google has recently launched mobile index. It is moving towards responsive world of websites. Your website should be responsive in order to provide best user experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Google’s AMP Tool – First of all you need to implement AMP pages on your website for this. Google’s AMP project provides fast user experience on mobile devices. So it is now important for webmasters and SEOs to implement AMP pages on their websites.

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