Top 10 SEO Content Writing Tips

In my previous post I have described that content is king, trust is queen and quality is the princess. In the post you will learn basic and advanced SEO content writing tips. These content writing tips will help you in optimizing your content for users as well as search engines. These tips will help you in fighting with latest Google updates and SEO in 2013 and beyond.

1. Write for Humans optimize for search engine robots

First and most important thing in SEO copy-writing is writing content for humans not for search engines. But you should optimize content for search engine robots (crawlers). Your web page content should be easily accessible to search engine’s robots.

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

2. Forget keyword density concentrate on quality

Leave the old schools of SEO. Learn new SEO techniques in 2013. Do not over optimize your website by filling your content with keywords. Keyword density was old school trick of SEO. Forget about the numbers of keywords and its density in the content.

3. Use related keywords and synonyms

Search engines work on LSI (latest semantic indexing), which identifies the relationship among words in the content. Try to use related keywords and synonyms of keywords in the content. You can find related keywords by using Tilde (~) before keywords in Google’s search queries. For example you can find related keywords to SEO by typing ~SEO in Google’s search box. Or you can use Google’s external keyword tool. (Read more about top 10 keyword research tools)

4. Write detailed and in depth content

It is good for SEO in content writing to write detailed and in depth content about a topic. But remember the content should contain quality and uniqueness. Detailed content and in depth content will help you in search engine rankings.
5. Optimize long tail keywords

Generally users uses long tail keywords while searching something on search engines. Try to optimize long tail keywords in your content. Long tail keywords will boost your search engine rankings.

6. Write what your prospects looking for

If your writing content about products or services, include content what your prospects looking for. Write about specialties, attributes, price and competitive advantages of your products and services. Question to yourself if your prospects read your content, do they really find the appropriate information about your products and services.

7. Write something Unique to be discussed and shared in social media

You may be aware about content buzz on social media. People and search engines will always look for unique content and information. But your website may get content buzz on social media, If you are writing content about something unique.

8. Use title tag and snippets properly

Try to optimize title and snippets in your content. 90% of the users attracted by subject or title. If you use appropriate and catchy title your webpage CTR will increase. Use author, rating and other rich snippet attributes to your content.

9. Use internal links and related article links in content

People are interested to read related topic within your content. For example if you writing content about SEO do include topics of on page SEO and off page SEO. It will increase your page views and search engine rankings.

10. Use images, rich media and info-graphics

User engagement in content reading is generated by images, videos and info-graphics. So try to use images, videos and info-graphics in your web page content, which can generate interest among your website visitors. You can also read image optimization tips here.

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