56 SEO Tips – Best, Ethical and Evergreen

Everyone loves organic search engine rankings right? Find list of ethical and evergreen 56 best SEO tips for all kind of websites. These search engine optimization practices won’t hurt your search engine ranking in any way. If you follow these SEO practices for your website will be safe even in Google penguin, Google panda, EMD etc updates.

All you need to have patience, 100% truthful and ethical. We thankful to our blog readers who loved all our SEO posts about Off Page SEO, On page SEO techniques and local SEO tips. We would also happy if you don’t follow any black hat SEO practice mentioned in our previous post. We would appreciate reading and sharing our blog to your friends and colleagues.

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Quick and Starter Tips

1. Make objectives for Search engine optimization and always try to achieve these.
2. Prepare a business plan and road map.
3. Book a domain related to business/services/product. That domain should make sense, easy to remember/recall.
4. Hire an expert web designer, developer and content writer to develop your website or do it your own if you can do it on your own.
5. Purchase an affordable and effective web hosting.
6. Change the DNS and Launch the site
7. Share your site with family and friends
8. Take feedback about your website and do the necessary changes.
9. Register in Google Analytics account
10. Register Google Webmaster account.
11. Register Bing webmaster tools account.
12. Put the verification/ analytics code in your website

Technical SEO Tips

13. Check your website error logs and resolve all errors.
14. Check your website speed.
15. Test your server header response.
16. Create a custom 404 page on your website.
17. Make a robots.txt file and put it on your website root folder so that it can be accessed as http://example.com/robots.txt
18. Check and evaluate your website htaccess/web config files.
19. Submit your website to search engines.
20. Check errors and improvements in Google and Bing webmaster tools.
21. Generate xml sitemap and host this sitemap on your website either in root or any folder
22. Submit this sitemap in google webmaster and bing webmaster tools.
23. Generate RSS feed of your website content and submit in search engines.
24. Make only one version available for users http://example.com or http://www.example.com put 301 redirection for other version.
25. Rewrite website URLs in user readable form. Do not rewrite URLs for search engines only.    (Read in Detail Why Technical SEO is important)

On Page SEO Tips

26. Create unique and appropriate title tags for each webpage.
27. Create and put unique and meta description on each web page.
28. Create and put open graph meta tags for social media sharing and marketing.
29. Make search engine friendly webpages.
30. Each webpage should have text links so that search engines can crawl your website pages.
31. Put alt and title tags for images and image links.
32. disallow pages that you don’t want to be indexed in search engines.
33. Use H1, H2 and H3 Headings in content.
34. Make important words bold or linked to appropriate and detailed content pages.
35. Use images, graphs to present content for users in better way.
36. Use breadcrumbs for webpage flow.
37. Interlink Related content pages.
38. Use schema.org tags for products, reviews or related attributes if you have in your webpage as specified in Schema.org
39. Use Google plus authorship for rich snippets in SERPs.
40. Use and update website in latest web technologies, tags and markups.
41. Do not create iframes, flash webpages that Search engines can’t read.
42. Use Ajax SEO approach if your website use ajax. (Read Detailed On Page SEO Tips)

Off Page SEO Tips

43. Share your website content in social media sites.
44. Submit your website in DMOZ.org.
45. If users like your website content they will link your webpages from their website. So focus on your webpages quality.
46. Create local business listing in Google local business, yahoo local business center.
47. Create profiles and listing in yelp and reviews websites.
48. create a good quality wikipedia page for your business/company name or brand.
49. Create youtube channel and promote videos on your youtube channel.
50. Create a facebook fan page.
51. create twitter profile and share.
52. create good social media profiles build network and create a social presence.
53. Share customer’s testimonials on your website.
54. Create and share info-graphics.
55. Create alexa profile and submit site to alexa.com
56. Use traditional marketing practices.  (Read More About Off Page SEO Tips)

You might be surprised after checking the Off page SEO list. These are the practices that will never harm your website. As Google is now-days very tough on paid link building and spam guest posts so try to avoid. Too much links and too many guest posts may harm your website rankings.


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