What is Google Panda and How to deal with it?

Dear SEO friends most of you aware of Google Panda and I am not going to bore you with same kind of content here what is Google Panda update and all that stuff. This post is specially for the SEO guys and consultants who are newbies in the industry. In this post you will learn what is Google Panda in simple words and how to deal with it. Before I start this post in detail I want to ask you one question to all of you.

“Have you noticed a light Google Panda update recently last week? As there were some chatter in Webmaster World forum. I was waiting a update from SERoundtable. But seems there is no update if you have seen drop in traffic please do share here at SoniSEO.com.”

What is Google Panda? a Brief information

Google has introduced this algorithm somewhere around Feb 2011. This algorithm is released to control low quality content websites in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) Few years back most of the SEO guys were doing some practices like. Article syndication, thin content posting, article spinning and other content marketing techniques for SEO.

Google has release Google Panda to control websites which have low quality content, thin content pages, scraped content pages, copies content pages etc.
Although most of the SEOs hate Google for its Google Panda and Google Penguin update. In brief Google panda is related to on Page SEO and Google Penguin is related to Off page SEO and Link Building. We will share some thoughts about Google penguin in next post.

Google Panda

Google Panda

How to Deal with Google Panda Step by Step Guide

As there is hard written rule for Google Panda but you can avoid possibility to be caught under this.

1. Do no create low quality content websites if your motive is to keep the website in long run.
2. Do no create duplicate content pages.
3. Do not create thin content pages.
4. Do not scrap content from other websites.
5. Do not create multiple webpages using similar kind of content.
6. Do no spin the content using article spinning tools.

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